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The sun, the mighty giant celestial body than our Earth Planet. The amount, 1.3 million times Earth Planet. More than one million times greater. And, every second, the Sun released a tremendous amount of energy 380 billion-billion Megawatt (3.83 × 10 ^ 26 W), or also comparable to the explosion billions of megatons of nuclear bombs!
In a matter of seconds, the Sun creates greater energy, than it has used all of humanity for millions of years. It is the result of the combustion system that occurs in all the giant stars in the universe.A process called, NUCLEAR FUSION. 

And humans have long found nuclear energy. Initially for weapons (Nuclear bombs / Atom). And now for nuclear power plants.  Early nuclear bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) using nuclear fission process. Strength of about 20 kilotons. In this process Atom split into parts smaller. Atoms are used, Uranium and plutonium are highly radioactive and dangerous. 

So nuclear energy is even more powerful is found. Bomb code-named "Ivy Mike" was detonated in 1952 with the ability to Nuclear Fusion. His strength? 10 000 kilotons (500 times more powerful). The process is exactly the opposite, namely Unify atoms to create heavier nuclei. Atoms are used, Deuterium and Tritium. The resulting energy is really far more powerful, but free of radioactive explosion.

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