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How To Get 1 Million Visitor for 1 Hour


Then head right to the page by clicking the picture below. 

Immediately slide the pages of this web page down until you find a view like this (7 pictures thumbnails)

 Right-click on each image thumbnails and select the option to open in new tab (open in a new tab). So open a new tab 7 On top of the window every tab will have a blue bar with the inscription "AD CODE GENERATION .... please wait". Wait until a numeric code.

Put the code number you find in the order in the columns below the thumbnail image
Enter your data in the form below and click submit
Open the e-mail address that you enter on the form before and are looking for e-mail from Fill in your e-mail will look like this ...
Then click the linkYou will go to the page congratulations
Record the ID and Password then click ADMIN AREA MEMBERYou will go to the login page
Enter your ID and Password then click submit. You will be taken to the next page .... Are circled in red is the URL of your membership you need to note. Then the blue is a box that you can use to monitor the development of your system.
This view would you use to measure the growth of this system.
Now you need to promote your membership link, like other viral service. Make a blog like you are reading right now. Blogs should be a new blog and has nothing to do with the blog you want to promote (IMPORTANT!). Fill your blog with articles such as this, but if you are lazy, please copy paste this article.
How much traffic from our hard work:
Notice that there are six thumbnails, every time there's a sign he would rank first, and if there is a new referral sign up he will come down to rank 2, etc.. Let's just say we each invite 10 people (most probably more), then the number of visitors and backlinks you are:
In position 1: 10 links and visits In position 2: 100 link and visit In position 3: 1000 links and visits In position 4: 10000 links and visits In position 5: 100000 links and visits In position 6: 1000000 link and visit
Can you imagine if your blog is visited by 1,000,000 people and get 1 million backlinks (one-way backlinks!). How alexa rank, pagerank and link popularity you? Colossal!Nobody will refuse your bid. Many will ask for advertisements on your blog, and that means large amounts of income. It's just that you really have to bother to do that is explained here.
Caution: This system of similar nature of the network business but are actually very different, because there will be no saturation term. Why? Because every time a new blog up, even you can become a member of your own members, by registering different blogs. In other words not a pyramid scheme but a spider's web
Can you see the numbers above? Many articles circulated viral link that says get millions of links but they only play in Indonesia. Serious bloggers in Indonesia is not that much ....
More quality backlinks. Why? Did you notice that the above you are requested to make a backlink from your main blog URL to your membership page. It is intended to help search engines to index your membership this page. For a link to the URL out of your membership, you could potentially get 1 million backlinks that one way backlinks.
Are you hurt someone else (stealing Pagerank others). Of course not! Your backlink will be from the URL of the person's membership and not from the person's main blog URL.
What is the value of backlinks from pages that membership? Although PRnya very small, but because the number of links that are only 7 seeds, then the value of PR has to offer is better than the PR obtained from a PR2 blog that has 150 links in 1 pages (Participants link exchange).
Did you know that the article is not a lot of MLM backlink benefit you? Why? The article was written over and over again and you should post them on your main blog.Not a good thing to have articles written repeatedly (plagiarism) in your blog. Your link installed in the article may not be indexed by Google. That is not necessarily so backlinks, and it is very difficult to bring in traffic. (Rare clicks) MLM Articles backlinks is not necessarily in tune with the theme of your blog, so that it can interfere with your keyword while still inhabiting your homepage. This system gives you the tools you can use to monitor developments, in contrast to articles MLM backlinks that are not monitored at all. If you really need the traffic and backlinks, then I think personally, this way can help you.Stay promote it properly to at least 10 people. If you really want to do all this procedure, it will take about 1 hour, consisting of 10 minutes of registration, 20 minutes to create a blog promotion, and 30 minutes to promote it to your friends. Let them decide whether they need this traffic and backlinks. But if you read up on this point, then no doubt you REALLY NEED TRAFFIC AND BackLink.
To promote to your blog ... when you are in the login area, just click the writings MARKETING CENTER and there will be the html code that you will be put on your blog.

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