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Plant Money In The Internet

If you want to plant something, you must have place to do it. Same in the internet, if you want to plant money there you must have a place to plant it.
It’s like website/blog. Because register a blog is free you can made to become you place to plant money. Before you make a blog, you have e-mail, especially from Google. After you have blog you can customize it, according to your desire. The place is finished. Now you can start to plant your money.

Post something in your blog is the one of the way to plant money. If you want your blog can become a place to plant money, you must post something minimal 5 and arrival every day. Now you can choose ads for your blog. There are many kind of ads can you choose. Because your blog is new, I suggest register your blog to or If you want your money till in your hand you must PayPal. PayPal helps you to organize your money in the internet.

Now, if your money is too much, you can transfer it to your local bank, such as: Mandiri or BRI. It’s need time 2/3 days to transfer it and on work time. 

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