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Cloak As In Movie "Harry Potter"


S've ever seen ever seen the movie "Harry Potter". The film tells of three young witches, one of which has a cloak that could eliminate the people who wear them. But, a fewyears ago the entire world's scientists believe that none of the material in this world whocould make people disappear. But they are wrong.
Metamaterial, became one of the main ingredients are busy talking. This material couldmake something, to become invisible. Metamaterial would bend light around an object that diselimutinya and reassembled at the end, like river water around a stone. In arecent study at Perdue University in their use of special needles that would bend lightbeyond the shrouded object while the object behind it will look.

This material is studied around the world including at MIT, the University of CaliforniaBerkeley, Duke University, and Caltech in LA. Interesting is not it?

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