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Got a blog but minimal visits. I have tips that munkin rarely described by other bloggers.Namely by making use of social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, but in my own way. 
1. Facebook. Got Facebook? must have had, the day gini not have a facebook. What to do first do is gather your friends as much as possible, whether familiar or not. After that should be done is to make a banner or an image whose content is a link to our blog with little description of the contents of our blog. Can not make it? do not worry, on the internet many websites making banners or images. After we finished banners or pictures, upload them to facebook. Before you publish, tag as many friends you into a banner or drawings for all assigned to (hehe). After that, a matter of time they open their account, then the SIM SALA BIM, in the photo gallery they will have a banner or our image.
2. Twitter If you Twitter, you must have more than one account and each account must have followers rather because we will try to roll the snowball. The point? The first account makes writing the contents of which compliments on our blog. Accounts that are both commented "Is that true?" or your own variation. The third account immediately comment pitched support for the view as the third account've seen it myself. From these comments, surely one of the followers of the three accounts will be part of it to comment and so on. With records, you have a blog that should have a good quality in order to give visitors a good commentary on their Twitter.

Hopefully useful ... 

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