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Research: A glass of milk contains 20 Chemicals.


Did you drink milk daily? Do you know what ingredients are contained in a glass ofmilk? some time ago, researchers found there is a mixture of up to 20 kinds of chemicals in a glass of milk (very much). The mixture ranging from painkillers to growthhormone substance.
They found a number of chemicals used to treat diseases in humans and animals. The researchers used samples in cattle, goats and milk. Not only that, in a glass of milk alsocontains the hormone 17 beta-estradiol. But researchers led by Dr. Evaristo Ballesterossaid "their technique can be used to examine other types of food.

This will raise consumer awareness and provide them with food are harmless, pure, original, useful and free of toxins, he concluded. Well, that was a sample of milk fromSpain and Morocco. What about the milk you drink?

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